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H-Hour Maps

H-Hour Maps

H-Hour Maps

H-Hour Maps

H-Hour Maps

Russ and H-Hour Maps

There’s a lot to be said for the intensity required to create something from nothing—to us it’s the same feeling you get when playing a game transports you to a different place—but we also get to research and think deeply about the place we’re making.


The church in Sismis is a focal point in many of the battles that erupt. Great cover and high ground, just don't get distracted by the rainbow of light coming through the stained glass windows!

Premier Map

Sismis was our first H-Hour map, a labor of love for the entire team. The Apothecary shown here features functioning doors and many points of entry and egress. Used well it can be a formidable stronghold for your team.


Our second of many maps to come, WolfRun is shaping up to be a map that encourages great close combat strafing wars. Players descend from their bases and meet head on.

Crossing the Waters

WolfRun is divided by a water feature. Careful, snipers and campers alike may venture to this side to catch you by surprise.

Recent Updates

H-Hour Community News - 11 July 2017

Posted on Jul 11 2017 07:52 AM in General
Hello H-Hour Community! Around the Studio: Hot, beautiful sunny days in the forecast! We have hit the summer months and I am encouraging the volunteers on the dev team to make sure they take some time off with their families this summer so the...
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H-Hour Community News - 09 May 2017

Posted on May 09 2017 07:44 AM in General
Hello H-Hour Community! Around the Studio: The dev team are catching their breath while monitoring the stability of the game post upgrade to UE4 4.15; a major piece of work. With the great response from the community in providing dump files,...
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H-Hour Community News - 13 February 2017

Posted on Feb 13 2017 12:16 PM in General
Hello H-Hour Community! Around the Studio: Happy to announce we have a new team member starting with our development team in the next week. Ahmed has agreed to take on map 6 for H-Hour. He is an avid SOCOMer, a recent game development program g...
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