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H-Hour: World's Elite A Tactical, Team-Based, Military Shooter

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Putting The Tactical Back In Shooter Gaming

Undertaken by acknowledged experts from the gaming industry and elite Special Operations veterans, H-Hour's unique game design pushes innovation in the areas of core gameplay, community, and gaming analytics. Learn more about H-Hour >>

Introducing H-Hour's First Real World Hero

Connor is an Assault Team Leader for the most highly regarded combat unit in the U.S. Army, and the humble recipient of numerous decorations, including five Bronze Stars, one of which is distinguished by the Combat "V". Learn more about Connor >>

Follow David As He Develops H-Hour

PSYOP is the personal blog of SOF Studios' world-renowned games designer and shooter gaming luminary, David "DoctorBoom" Sears , whose insights and opinions derive from over two decades of working in the games industry. Visit PSYOP >>

Collaborate With Our Studio, Decorated Heroes, And Other Gamers

We have created an environment dedicated to communicating with our fans. Join us as we discuss H-Hour, authenticity, game design, this week's studio pick, and much, much more. Start collaborating >>

War Is Hell But Making Games Doesn't Have To Be

Led by elite Special Operations veterans and premier gaming experts, SOF Studios is focused on one simple goal: to create a tactical shooter franchise for the millions in clans around the globe demanding more. Go now >>

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Posted on Apr 21 2014 02:01 PM in PSYOP
In my last blog I talked about wrapping up production on our proof of concept for H-Hour. At that point it was complete—scope-wise it more than met our intentions, i.e. to make fun happen in a classic gameplay style. We had completed almost every task...
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H-Hour on Steam Games: Congratulations

Posted on Apr 03 2014 03:41 PM in General
On behalf of SOF Studios we'd like to thank our community for making this happen. This was based entirely on community support and your efforts and hard work resulted in a landslide victory for H-Hour.
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H-Hour:Worlds Elite Now Live on Steam Greenligh...

Posted on Mar 25 2014 08:05 AM in General
H-Hour: Worlds Elite is now live on Steam Greenlight so gather your friends, get on Steam and vote it up!
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