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H-Hour Quotes

H-Hour Quotes

H-Hour Quotes

H-Hour Quotes

H-Hour Quotes

Working with Russ on H-Hour Maps

"There’s a lot to be said for the intensity required to create something from nothing—to us it’s the same feeling you get when playing a game transports you to a different place—but we also get to research and think deeply about the place we’re making." - David Sears

H-Hour AI

"It’s my goal that the AI in MP modes have a demonstrable personality. Sure, a lot of that’s communicated through unique character animations but it’s also in their behavioral DNA. Just like in the real world, no two human targets are precisely the same." - David Sears

Community Ideas

"Once the demo is complete, I plan on closely reviewing all the interesting ideas that people have generated the last few months." - David Sears

Core Gameplay & the Demo

"We’ve gotten tons of confirmation that we achieved the mission objective: Recapture the Magic." - David Sears

What's Missing Today in Games

"Bring back lobbies. Make creating and running clans easy--. Design game modes and maps that only work best when players work as teams. Don't spend money and time on creating features that inflate the importance of individuals--make successful teams the most important thing. Make communication easy in the game and outside the game." - David Sears

Recent Updates

This One is a Makeover

Posted on Jun 19 2014 01:31 PM in PSYOP
A few weeks ago we stopped all work on the proof of concept. We had passed the point of diminishing returns. We had all the gameplay in place that we could reasonably expect and perhaps more significantly, we could not make the game look any better in...
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Posted on Apr 21 2014 02:01 PM in PSYOP
In my last blog I talked about wrapping up production on our proof of concept for H-Hour. At that point it was complete—scope-wise it more than met our intentions, i.e. to make fun happen in a classic gameplay style. We had completed almost every task...
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H-Hour on Steam Games: Congratulations

Posted on Apr 03 2014 03:41 PM in General
On behalf of SOF Studios we'd like to thank our community for making this happen. This was based entirely on community support and your efforts and hard work resulted in a landslide victory for H-Hour.
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